George R. Ckrhushchev

For anyone who wants to make a few bucks, free publicity is god-given. Even the bad publicity itself is great, as any Hollywood studio executive would attest. With the help of PR spinmeisters, Hollywood Biggies would even create scandals to get the word ‘out there’. Because scandals sell papers, products and productions.
Apple is having a free run in that front. No other company in recent memory gets so much free publicity than Apple. Big companies would spend a fortune, or even die, to get that kind of publicity and exposure.
Look at the product launches of big companies. All the hoopla to get your attention. In your ever-shrinking-attention-span of 140-character-twitter world.
Scantily clad cover girls wrapping themselves around cars! Clueless celebrities touting the wares! Product placement in the TV to urge you subconsciously!
But Apple doesn’t even have to spent a dime on advertisements, to convince people to buy its products. There was a time. Einstein, King and Gandhi were calling humanity to ‘Think different’. They might have moved the masses. But they couldn’t move Macs off the shelves.
Then came the PC and Mac guys! Your average everyday-Joe dudes! Yes, they moved a few iMacs, here and there.
Then came the iPod!
The world hasn’t been same ever since.

Make anything with a name starting with an i and stick an apple label, the crowds go wild. Now the whole world has become… yes, an iWorld!
The media became the unpaid publicist for the Apple. The celebrities became unpaid mobile ‘product placement’ carriers.
Apple doesn’t have to lift a finger.
Rumor sites will take care of that. Yes, There are rumor sites making fortune in spreading iRumors.
Rumor mills don’t need anything to grind. They can grind the same old ground material and recycle it again and again. If they can’t make up their ‘Apple rumored to be’ rumors masquerading as analyses, helping hands stretch from Apple-covering analysts from the Wall street.
Mainstream media will pick up from there. No need for billboards, TV commercials or celebrity pitchers. Not anymore. You might need beauties and beasts to convince you to buy shampoos and SUVs, but you don’t need them to buy an iPad!

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